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ML Showcase

A curated collection of interactive Machine Learning projects.

e.g. TensorFlow, RNN, CNN...

Discover and run the latest ML models.

Get started in seconds with a zero-setup Jupyter Notebook environment that runs on free GPUs and a large repository of pre-configured ML projects. Discover and fork a range of projects in popular areas such as object detection, GANs, text-to-speech, reinforcement learning, and more.

With the Gradient ML Showcase, you’ll have a pre-configured compute environment that "just works" and the code you need to do your academic and professional work.

Featured: A selection of the most popular projects.

New projects welcome. Submit your public project for review. If the project is selected, you will receive credit on the project page.

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Get Started Guide
  • 1. Find a project
  • Browse projects based on their type and category. Open the project in Gradient to explore the result.
  • 2. Explore & run
  • Start by cloning the project. Then try running it in your own account on a free GPU! Note: You must be logged-in to clone the project.
  • 3. Modify & share
  • Try adjusting different parameters to improve the results. Share your projects by inviting friends and colleagues.

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A Deep Learning platform built for developers. From exploration to production, Gradient° enables individuals and teams to quickly develop and collaborate on deep learning models.

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