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Guide & FAQ

Get Started Guide & FAQs

Here are a couple handy resources to get you going with Gradient and the ML Showcase. You can also browse our Help Center and Docs for more information.

Get Started Guide
  • 1. Find a project
  • Browse projects based on their type and category. Open the project in Gradient to explore the result.
  • 2. Explore & run
  • Start by cloning the project. Then try running it in your own account on a free GPU! Note: You must be logged-in to clone the project.
  • 3. Modify & share
  • Try adjusting different parameters to improve the results. Share your projects by inviting friends and colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions. Gradient ML Showcase at a glance.

What is Gradient?

Gradient is a tool for machine learning education, and research, and production. There are a few primary components including a hosted Jupyter Notebook, a CLI and SDK for working with Python directly, a model repo where you can track and store models, and an inferencing service for deploying models as an API endpoint.

What is this project showcase?

The ML Showcase is a repository of ready-made, complete ML projects that work out of the box with no required setup, dependency/driver management, etc. The free CPU and GPU option make getting started easy and fast. It is also possible to share your work and fork other people's projects which results in a GitHub-like platform for ML projects.

Is Gradient free to use?

Gradient includes a free tier that comes with no-cost CPU and GPU instance types (no credit card required!) . There are also paid tiers for more advanced workflows.

How can I submit my project to be showcased here?

Absolutely, we even pay writers to submit their work. The form to submit your project is located here.

Sharing my notebook

To share a project you are working on, just click the share button. This generates a unique link that others can access, even without being signed into Gradient. The entire contents of the notebook will be available to anyone with the link.

Can I import and existing notebook?

Yes! Just click upload in the Jupyter menu.

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